Friday 3 June 2016


From May 1997: the first issue of the British SF media mag ECLIPSE.

The twin sales drivers of the return of the STAR WARS saga to the big screen coupled with the mainstream success of THE X-FILES promoted the last big boom in SF mags just before broadband and the web unleashed the digital game-changer.

The sudden boom in titles was very reminiscent of the explosion in opportunist launches that accompanied the golden years of the Star Age exactly twenty years earlier.

ECLIPSE was one of several new titles that dropped at the time and was collecting for shelf space, and readers, alongside the likes of SFX, STARBURST, TV ZONE, DREAMWATCH, STAR WARS MAGAZINE, STAR TREK MAGAZINE, imports of STARLOG and some of the other long-forgotten mags I'll post in the near future.


  1. although I only have the first two issues, there were at least five published as seen here :

  2. I've certainly seen the fifth issue so I can confirm that it
    Ran at least thet long.


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