Tuesday 7 June 2016


From 1996 of thereabouts: the fifth issue of the British STAR WARS A5 fanzine HOLOCRON.

This is the last issue I ordered at the time but I'm not sure if it also marked the end of the run. I have no recollection of deciding not to order it again so I may have simply lost track or hit a periodic cash crunch that prevented me from ordering any more.

I can't even remember where this was advertised... yet I must have known when the next issue was published so I could send my cheque.


  1. I have a vague recollection that there was an issue with colour cover and some kind of folder-style binding which presumably appeared after this issue. I had a quick scout around, but I've not located my copies yet.

    The team behind Holocron also did the wonderful "Reactor" and a fabulous War of the Worlds pastiche.

  2. most likely it was advertised in STARBURST. Back then, they still had a page devoted to listings of fanzines, fan clubs and newsletters.

  3. pick of this weeks offerings must be CRIME SCENE issue 4.

    1. They've done another one? Wonders will never cease.

      Actually quite a few interesting bits this week... something of a STAR TREK deluge after the usual drought. The new issue of the Titan magazine, the first of the new books compiling articles from the Titan mag (this one devoted to the films), the new issue of FILMFAX with a classic TREK cover AND a new aural history style book devoted to the first 25 years of the franchise (the second volume is due later this year). It felt a little like a return to the old days of multiple publishers chasing the Treker dollar.

  4. I've not seen any of those but will keep my eyes peeled.

    JUSTICE LEAGUE TRINITY from titan uk will now re-start from no 1 and be retitled JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA.


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