Friday 3 June 2016


From Spring 1992: THE UNCANNY X-MEN EASTER SPECIAL, published by Marvel UK.

This one-shot not only tapped into the boom in all-things-X (fuelled by the Marvel hype machine, speculators and the quest for ever bigger profits at the expense of industry stability) but also the raised profile of the franchise thanks to the animated show and the rehabilitation of superheroes in the UK after several years where publishers (except for London Editions), distributors and retailers wouldn't touch them with the proverbial barge pole.

This coincided with Paul Neary's reboot of the Annex of Ideas, moving it back into adventure publishing and massively bolstering the amount of origination by creating the UKverse of new characters to sell on both sides of the Atlantic.

Marvel's mutants, thanks mainly to the TV show (and then - of course - the movie franchise), regained a regular slot on the shelves of Britain's newsagents for the first time since the closure of their ill-fated (sabotaged by ancient contents and cackhanded printers) weekly ten years earlier.

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