Saturday 25 June 2016


Buried deep in today's financial pages (which, of course, are buried deep under under tons of Brexit coverage) is the news that FUTURE have purchased IMAGINE PUBLISHING and their portfolio of 19 titles (plus tons of bookazines and digital-only publications) for £14.2 million.

This of course means that SFX and SCI-FI NOW will now be part of the Future stable.  Will Future (notorious for ruthlessly slimming down in the face of falling print sales) want to keep both titles going or will a merger/ closure be on the cards?

Or will Future look to sell on SFN as a going concern to another publisher?

Keep watching the shelves....


  1. thanks slow ,that is indeed major news.

    what a great way to eliminate your competitor. Its highly unlikely that SFX would want to merge or co-exist with SCI-FI NOW.

    That being said, doesn't the new SFX bookazine on graphic novels look very similar to its SCI-FI NOW counterpart ?

    1. Not only that but the font, colour scheme and layout are almost identical to the SciFi Now Cosplay bookazine that came out recently - almost like the same designer worked on both.......

  2. further to your previous post on THE ROCKETEER, the complete score has now been released :

  3. didn't realise until today that there is a current on going rocketeer comic and very nice it is too.

  4. I would have chosen the EMPIRE trek special as pick of the week but its a close tie with the new issue of DR WHO.

    This one's a tom baker special with lots of freebies. And I'm looking forward to tomorrow's new issue of TOTAL FILM which is rapidly approaching its 250th edition. Currently they are being packaged with a lovely series of supplements.

    speaking of future publishing, they are being very productive of late. Today, I came across their new titles , YOUR GAMING HEROES and YOUR COMIC HEROES. The former reminded me of 110% GAMING but with superior content and layout.

    they have also brought out MINECRAFT MAYHEM adding yet another minecraft title to an overcrowded market.

    the mags can be seen here:


    and here:

  5. more info can be found at these blogs :


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