Tuesday 5 July 2016


From February 1981 (again): 2000AD celebrates reaching its 200th issue - ahem - prog.

The official organ of the Mighty One is about to celebrate its 2000th issue (who would have imagined?) but I've posted this today to mark STARLOGGED's 2000th post. Yes. Really.

I noticed a couple of months ago that I was approaching the unexpected landmark and I thought this was as good a cover as any to hold back for the big one.

I never thought STARLOGGED would chug on past the first dozen or so posts so this whopping figure is a revelation to me as well. It also means that I have posted well over 2000 different items on here, which is a sobering thought as 95% of things come from my own collection. No wonder I have no space, no money and a frustrated flatmate.

Last week I took one of Starlogged's periodic rest weeks but I used the time constructively (so say I) to dive deep into some previously uncharted boxes to scan some more goodies. I also travelled a little further than usual (not far) and used the opportunity to tawl some outlets I don't usually get a chance to visit and picked up a few bargains (RED DRAWF smegazines for 25p each for example) that will also pop up here in the months ahead.

Thanks to everyone who stops by regularly (go spread the word) and especially thanks to everyone who comments occasionally or regularly.

If you are a relative newcomer, don't be afraid to dive into the Starlogged back catalogue that dates back to 2012 (those early posts were written at Cafe Nero, a relative stone's throw from the banks of the Thames and the one-time HQ of MARVEL UK) and see what you discover.


  1. Congrats, Slow Robot! I've been with you from the very early days--I think we first got talking in the comments section about Daniel Peacock productions on Channel 5 of all things. This is always my blog reading of choice every day, always something interesting to be found here. Your Marvel UK overview was the pinnacle of the first 2,000 entries, and you've set the bar high for the next 2,000

    Best wishes!

  2. Glad to see you're still with us! And keep up the very good work. One of the blogs I've bookmarked as top quality!

  3. welcome back slow and congrats on reaching your 2000th post !

    And I too plead guilty to having no space or money. I think its fair to say that my own collection has grown substantially since I discovered your blog. It not only awoke in me nostalgia but also a craving for more recent paper based material. As a result, I now buy / collect more mags and comics than I ever would have before.

    I seem to recall an earlier and similar post in which you said :

    " I've been on holiday but I've used that time wisely, scanning stuff for future posts. "

    Its funny you should mention café Nero. I remember passing one every day in London back in 2009 before the
    new trek movie was released. Since the movie's villain was named Nero, I took it as a good omen.

    looking forward to all of your future posts !

  4. 2000 posts and I've read 'em all!
    Congratulations, Slow and here's to the next thousand!
    Keep 'em coming!

  5. Great blog - love the work you've put in. Some comic book covers I thought I'd never see again. The Scooby Doo ones in particular were major blasts from my past!


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