Thursday 7 July 2016


From August 1993: the 12th issue of the US comics fanzine/ prozine ARENA.

This is, as far as I know, the only copy of this title that I have. Its one of the wave of new wannabes thet followed the debut of WIZARD. It's something of a missing link between the previous generation (AMAZING HEROES and COMICS INTERVIEW) and the newcomers. The dimensions are standard US comics sized and the interiors are black & white but the contents, as the cover suggests, embraced the new Dark Age and the initial Image boom.

I don't remember this having much if an impact on me at the the time which suggests that copies were few and far between (the lack of back issues stuffing the 50p boxes tends to support this), the price was too high or the contents simply not much cop. I wasn't an image fan so possibly the latter if this issue is anything to go by.

A total of 17 regular issues and a year-in-review special (1994) apparently appeared. 


  1. You have a typo in the entry title--should be comics not "comis".

    I can't say I remember this one, but I pretty well ignored Image.

  2. they seem to have had a nice mix of material, a cover gallery can be seen here:


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