Tuesday 5 July 2016


From February 1981: The first issue, and loosely inserted (all but guaranteed to fall out in the newsagents long before anyone had the chance to buy a copy) free sticker, of MARVEL UK's CAPTAIN AMERICA weekly.

I've cover the bulk of this run in posts long past but I had a few gaps in my collection, including this launch issue. I'd actually forgotten that I'd subsequently acquired a copy and was quite pleased to discover it whilst rummaging.

I planned to post this yesterday for the 4th of July holidays but - typically - the Wi-Fi stopped working so the plan was delayed by 24-hours. Better late than never.

CA wasn't an obvious choice for a British weekly back in 1981 (it would be a no-brainer today) but Marvel did their best to make it a success by abandoning their normal policy of running dusty reprints (or reprints or reprints by this point) in favour of a more contemporary line-up. Including the UK debut of the DAZZLER strip.

The other two strips were Iron Man and - ported across from the RAMPAGE - the Defenders.

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