Tuesday 19 July 2016


From December 1984: STARBURST, from Marvel UK, covers the making of the original GHOSTBUSTERS movie in a special issue of the title's regular run. Marvel even threw in (literally, it was loosely inserted in the magazine and easily lost) a free GB logo sticker (did they get a license for that?).

I saw the new GB movie at the weekend and I have to say I thought it was jolly good. It certainly surpassed my expectations. Even if, I times, I thought I was watching history's most expensive FRENCH AND SAUNDERS sketch.

Forget about the hopeless trailer (which made it look like a beat-for-beat rehash of the first flick) and go with an open mind. I'm pretty confident you will enjoy it. There is already talk of the inevitable sequel. I hope it's better than the original sequel.

This issue inadvertently started a long and prosperous relationship between the British Bullpen and the franchise. THE REAL GHOSTBUSTERS animated series became a cash machine for the Annex Of Ideas, spreading out from their own title to numerous annuals, specials, spin-offs, a SLIMER solo title, a strip in comedy horror weekly IT'S WICKED and a residency in the anthology MARVEL BUMPER COMIC.


  1. the GB logo certainly made for a striking cover.

    Not sure if its a good sign that the new version reminded you of a spoof, always a danger if you re-make or re-do a classic. ( or semi-classic in this case )

  2. the new issue of SFX has a great article on the IPC comic SCREAM!

    this ties in with a new compilation of the ' monster ' strip from SCREAM! starring ' uncle terry ' , a Quasimodo like figure.

    It just occurred to me that a similar looking chap appeared in the fighting fantasy book HOUSE OF HELL around the same time. Coincidence or what ?

    Also out this week is a new comic mag for DANGER MOUSE, a tie-in with his revamped tv series.


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