Thursday 7 July 2016


From September 1991: the second issue of the (unofficial) UK STAR WARS FAN CLUB magazine.

I've never seen a copy of the first issue but, judging by the introduction to this issue and the loosely inserted letter to members that accompanied this, it was a separate magazine e that was pressed into service as the inaugural mail out when this issue was running late. Therefore, the contents of this issue had originally been intended for the first issue. If that makes sense...

It also notes thet the initial forty strong membership had already doubled to nigh on eighty. I don't know if that's a good indicator of how many copies of this were first published or whether they over-printed to have plenty in reserve when the membership grew.

The format is A4 with colour cover and black & white interiors and probably produced on a high-end (for the time) printer or copier.

The contents are uniformly good with the two highlights being an extended look at the deleted scenes of A New Hope (which I remember coming as something of a revelation  back in the day) and a look back to the initial release of The Empire Strikes Back (originally intended to celebrate the 10th anniversary but pushed back and back as the publication date did likewise). The former pulled together the hints of missing material from scripts, Topps gum cards, the novelization and the Marvel adaptation.

There was also a review of the new Zahn novel HEIR TO THE EMPIRE (which was taken to task for incorporating elements from West End Games) and a piece on the most recent widescreen (!) VHS releases of the original trilogy. Plus news, correspondence, plugs for other clubs and fanzines and the like.

It's a lovely return to the halcyon days where the saga was a far far more simple place as well as being far far away.


  1. I have quite a few of these, acquired from a basement store called OFFWORLD.

    not sure if I have issue 1 but I'll have a look.

    that cover image is from the ROLLING STONE issue for return of the jedi.

  2. you are indeed correct. Issue 1 was a black and white newsletter. The mag ran for 14 issues, changing its title to STAR WARS OUTSIDER from issue 12. ( as opposed to the ongoing STAR WARS INSIDER ).

    A full gallery can be seen here :

    note the headline on issue 9 about ' continuity and the new publications ' . I seem to remember a similar headline before the release of the force awakens.

    as you said slow, those were simpler and happier times.

    1. Note "Fall of the Republic" strap-line on cover to #4 probably refers to the unofficial, fan-written story breakdown that was erroneously circulated as a prequel screenplay in the 90s.

      Also cover to #14 is a cut down of the John Higgins poster from Return of the Jedi Weekly, a piece I'd never expected to see anywhere else.

  3. I have that issue and that's pretty much what they printed accompanied by their own fanciful illustrations.

    thanks for the reminder about that poster, I knew it looked familiar. Sadly, its long since parted company from my copy of ROTJ WEEKLY 31.


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