Wednesday 22 March 2017


From November 1985: SPEAKEASY issue 56 reports a busy month of comics news. 


  1. among the offerings today in my ( greatly reduced ) FP was a nice collection of NIGHT RAVEN stories.

    Total Film have a new bookazine out called CLASSIC FILM with a blade runner cover.

  2. I was surprised to see that the NIGHT RAVEN book didn't include the US one-shot nor the NOCTURNE limited series. But still nice to see the text stories from the various monthlies back in print after all this time.

    Also of interest: the GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY (comics rather than film) GUIDE from DK. And the latest edition of the TRANSFORMERS partwork with the debut of Death's Head. Without any nod to Marvel's copyright. Oddly it also comes with a reissue of the first book. There's no explanation but it's all down to a blunder on the first edition which meant the spin design wouldn't match the rest. A very expensive blunder me thinks.

  3. but also a nice value for money package.


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