Monday 6 March 2017


From April 1994:

Guilty pleasure alert! I'm really rather enjoying the CW's RIVERDALE at the moment... regardless of the facts that I've never been interested in the 1950s Americana of the Archie comic books and that I'm way above the weekly target demographics for the show.

It's a lot darker than the comics have traditionally been and twists and subverts the familiar tropes throughout. Even if it has swiped at least one plotline from DAWSON'S CREEK. Archie himself is a bit of a dope (albeit with a great body which the writers connive to expose on a regular basis) who's saddled with the least interesting plotlines but the rest of the town is swirling with murder and secrets like a teen TWIN PEAKS.

Here's COMICS INTERNATIONAL announcing whst seemed to be one of the most preposterous crossovers in comicdom... at least until Archie made a habit of bumping into the Predator or encountering Sharknados.


  1. Hooray! You're back! Glad to see the blog up and running again.

  2. you will be pleased to hear that the show has been renewed as announced here:

    a one-shot comic based on the show came out today along with the new BACK ISSUE which includes an article on the obscure marvel title NIGHT NURSE .( recently re-printed )

  3. Weirdly I got the ARCHIE ONE-SHOT last week. With a different cover. I didnt look inside today's one so I'm not sure if the contents are the same.

    Also out today were the new issues of the TREK and WARS magazines from Titan and another compilation (Sith Lords) of STAR WARS INSIDER.

    Also a new POTA paperback with BENEATH and ESCAPE collected in one volume.


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