Friday 24 March 2017


From 1998: a one-off (?) revival of the TV fanzine PRIMETIME.

Published by TV historians and trackers-of-lost-telly Kaleidoscope, this revived the earlier incarnation of the title.  And it contains some really excellent articles sure to tickle the fancy of Telly types.  For me, the best of the bunch is Andrew Pixley's inevitably comprehensive history of the TV output of ITC.  There's been a number of books and articles written about the company's extensive output but they almost invariably focus on the familiar suspects.  Pixley, of course, pieces together the whole ITC small-screen canon including shows barely seen (if at all) in the UK as well as Children's (THE MUNCH BUNCH anyone?) and other shows released under the ITC (rather than ATV) brand.  The complete history of ITC (including all their numerous movie projects, behind-the-scenes dramas, changes of ownership, remakes and more) is still to be written.  But, in the meantime, I consider this an invaluable reference.

I picked this up from - of all places - London's COMIC SHOWCASE when it was published and I've never seen another copy 'in the wild'.  I'm not sure how extensively this was distributed but - I imagine - not very much.

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