Friday 17 March 2017


Mrs Peel, we're needed!

From sometime in the 1980s: ON TARGET, the AVENGERS (TV) fanzine, Volume 1 Issue 5.  Published by Dave Rogers.

There's no date that I can find anywhere inside this issue so I can't nail down exactly when it appeared.  Rogers continued to pump ount Avengers 'zines well into the 1990s, eventually running out of steam after the flawed-but-underated movie (which also saw him pen some officially licensed tie-ins).

This particular issue, the earliest I seem to have in my collection (I think I must have bought a stack from a dealer years ago), is yer standard A3 photocopied-with-colour-paper-cover affair.

I first discovered the show thanks to the Channel Four reruns early in the Eighties.  The rest of the household were less enthused so I had to watch them on my little b&w portable telly.  Kids today don't know how lucky they are.  I dabbled with a few episodes of THE NEW AVENGERS when ITV picked up the repeat rights as part of their new overnight services at the end of the decade.  But I really got back into the original show when they started releasing them on VHS tape early in the 1990s.

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