Wednesday 29 March 2017


From May 1982: STARLOG MAGAZINE announces plans for BUCK ROGERS IN THE 25th CENTURY to, after the end of its network run, enter syndicated reruns.

Interrestingly, BBC TWO adopted exactly the same early evening scheduling policy when they snapped up reruns of this, BATTLESTAR GALACTICA, THE INVISIBLE MAN and other cult shows to run against the SIX O'CLOCK NEWS later in the decade.


  1. SFX have published my tribute letter to the late John Hurt.

  2. Ed, I've just bought the latest SFX so I'll soon be reading your letter :)

  3. I just found a very interesting item in my local newsagent.

    Its the entertainment weekly special for rogue one.

    going by the barcode, its a uk re-print of the usa edition which came out last year.

  4. Congrats on the letter.

    The EW ROGUE ONE SPECIAL has also popped up across the WHS chain this week. This week's regular issue has three different TWIN PEAKS reunion covers.

    There's a new SCI-FI ICONS 'SPECIAL' with an X-MEN theme. And another planned for the end of the month devoted to ALIENS. I wonder if this is a plan to replace SCI-FI NOW with a different title to avoid it going head-to-head with SFX, now they are from the same publisher.

    The TOTAL FILM CLASSIC FILM SPECIAL seems to have patchy distribution at the moment but I found one branch of WHS that carries it.

    In the same branch I also found a single copy of a cardbacked hardback BACK TO THE FUTURE graphic novel from Eaglemoss. Same format as their other partwork GNs. It seems to be a spin-off from the BUILD THE DELOREAN kit partwork. Priced at a tenner. I picked it up.

    Eaglemoss is publishing an extra STAR TREK GN, the GREEN LANTERN crossover, priced at 15 quid mid-month.

    Titan have a new ROGUE ONE bookazine out called THE OFFICIAL MISSION DEBRIEF.

    The next two DWM SPECIALS will be devoted to 'Adventures in space' and 'toys and games'.

  5. thanks Slow.

    that's a lot of new stuff there. Still cant quite believe we are getting a sequel to twin peaks.

    I don't see why those bookazines would replace the regular issue of SCI-FI NOW since they are stand alone specials.

    At first, I thought that rogue one bookazine was a re-print of the earlier collectors edition but it seems to have all new material.

    Surely both this and the EW special are timed to coincide with the dvd release ?


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