Monday 3 April 2017


From October 1994: a MARVEL UK house ad for the launch of THE REN AND STIMPY SHOW MONTHLY, based on the 'cult' (because everyone said it was a cult... so it must have been a cult) US animated series.

I'm guessing, judging from the clever copy, that MARVEL UK had already published one or more one-shots or specials before coming back with a regular monthly version.  

The TV series aired - from memory - on BBC TWO in an early evening slot.  I think I only ever watched a couple of episodes and I found it good... but not great enough to get excited about it.

The contents of the UK version almost certainly came from the Marvel New York specials and ongoing series.

This was launched towards the end of the lifetime of the British Bullpen (note the shortlived logo) and I'm not sure whether it survived the change of management - and swift cancellations - that came with the Panini takeover.

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