Friday 28 April 2017


From 1978: two more early editions to the growing line-up of STARLOG GROUP spin-offs... the acquisition of special-effects-how-to guide CINEMAGIC and chuck-in-a-bit-of-everything Starlog spin-off FANTASTICA.

Fantastica?  Err... yup.  Before FANGORIA became a gore-soaked blood bath of a horror mag (and a successful franchise in its own right) it was a muddle of horror, SF, fantasy and almost anything else the publisher decided to include.  And before it was called FANGORIA, it was promoted as Fantastica.  Starlog, which didn't always have the best of luck with naming new launches (see also: COMICS SCENE) then promptly found themselves being sued by the publisher of FANTASTIC FILMS, who claimed readers would be confused.  Starlog paused... and rebooted as Fangoria.  Only to find no-one was buying.

The fantasy theme of the early issues left readers cold... but there was a response to the horror elements.  So, from issue 7, the emphasis shifted and a legend was (re)born.


  1. FANGORIA was still being published until recently but it seems to have quietly expired.

    Slow, just wondering if you recall this show ?

    I ask since the music cd has just been released :

    I've no memory of seeing this at the time but it must have taken considerable balls to follow both the original show and the movie.

    some familiar faces in the cast including Michael Horse who is due to appear in the twin peaks sequel.


    I never saw it (I'm not sure that any UK broadcaster purchased it... although I would think it was a prime candidate for Sky so maybe they had it) but I was aware of it at the time. From memory: wasn't it a syndicated companion to DS9? And launched alongside it? I remember seeing some advertising for it in the
    TV trade press at the time. I assume Paramount hoped that stations that purchased the new Trek show would also double-dip for another show based on a proven franchise with audience name recognition. I assume it lasted at least a season (because the stations that purchased it would have signed-up for a whole season) but it seemed to generate next-to-no buzz. Possibly because Paramount decided to concentrate on publicity around DS9 once they realised UNTOUCHABLES wasn't setting the world alight.

  3. thanks for the info.

    I don't ever recall seeing it or indeed any tie-in ads with DS9.

    it actually lasted for two seasons.

  4. The memory may cheat after so long but I'm sure the print advert appeared in either weekly VARIETY or BROADCAST and was probably timed to coincide with one of the big American or international programme sales events. It would have been pitched at programme buyers and - as I said - probably hoped to get stations to buy both shows for their market. THE UNTOUCHABLES couldn't have been a cheap show to shoot so one has to wonder how could the production standards were on a first-run syndicated drama.

  5. here is some archival info :


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