Thursday 20 April 2017


From 1978: Another slice of bonkers US genre TV which - unless you are a KISS fan - has been largely forgotten today (and it is very possible that they - like the band - would like to forget it as well): KISS MEETS THE PHANTOM OF THE PARK, a US TV movie previewed in the pages of STARLOG MAGAZINE.

I've seen this movie - as a bootleg - several times over the years and I still can't make any sense of it.  The plot - such as it is - is all over the place and involves a theme park (not, for once, the Universal backlot tour), superhuman rockers, a mad scientist and robot doubles.  It's telling that the movie was a rare wander into the realm of live action for the folks at Hanna Barbera.

The TV movie aired on US TV for Halloween 1978 and subsequently popped up in overseas theatres and on home video, sometimes under alternative titles and with alternative edits.

Years ago I spotted in a magazine, which I don't have, that there was some talk (and pre-production) of a KISS animated series.... but the project stalled for whatever reason.

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  1. I've never seen this although it would have aired in the states around the same time as the infamous Star Wars holiday special.

    Gene Simmons love of sci-fi extended to appearing as the villain in RUNAWAY.


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