Wednesday 19 April 2017

1983: ADVERT FOR 2000AD PROG 300

From January 1983: 2000AD celebrates surviving 300 issues in print (and several behind-the-scenes close calls during the first few years) with a special issue... and a free metal (of some sort) JUDGE DREDD badge.

Unfortunately, the Mighty One couldn't stretch the budget as far as putting a pin on the back so the badge had to be affixed with some double-sided spongy tape stuff stuck to the back. 

The other attraction was one of those multi-week, build-it-yourself, cut-out-and-keep booklets beloved of the IPC Youth Group of the time: an eye-straining reproduction of the very first prog.  Which was at least pretty cool.  

This advert appeared in the pages of the EAGLE.  

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