Thursday 27 April 2017


From 1988: Actor Duncan Regehr discusses his brief stint on V; THE SERIES (four episodes, a wedding and a murder), the movie MONSTER SQUAD, the blink-and-you-missed-it fantasy show WIZARDS AND WARRIORS and the even more fleeting EARTH*STAR VOYAGER.

His four weeks on V:THE SERIES, playing the charismatic Charles, was one of the highlights of the erratic series and came mid-run, just as the show was transitioning from the A-TEAM/ Soap hybrid of the early episodes (something akin to the successful format of the two mini-series, especially THE FINAL BATTLE) into the bargain-basement campery of the show's final months on the air.

What I find interesting in this interview, and it is something that does not appear to have been picked up elsewhere, is that the twin-brother-with-the-same-fake-face plotline, eventually given to Frank Ashmore all but reprising his role as Martin from the mini-series and first hour of the weekly series, was originally devised to allow Regehr to step back into the show.  It would have been a lot more interesting to have seen 'Charles II' as the traitor in the midst of the alien ranks.

Regehr was one of those prolific actors of the period who never quite became a star.  Maybe it was a succession of poor choices (none of his TV work seemed to go very far for very long) or because he seldom seems to look like the same person in any two productions.  I still find it hard to spot him... even when i know the character he is playing.

The interview is from STARLOG MAGAZINE.

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