Tuesday 21 March 2017


From October 1998: STARLOG MAGAZINE issue 255 celebrates BATTLESTAR GALACTICA'S 20th anniversary.

Sadly, it wasn't a whopper of a retrospective along the same lines as the Log's legendary look back at 10 years of the STAR WARS saga almost a decade earlier.  But still...

Don't you feel old?  Well... If I didn't then I do now as we approach the 40th anniversary.

It's a tribute to the staying power of the original series that Starlog felt confident enough to put a twenty year old show on the cover of a magazine still riding high on the Nineties SF TV boom.

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  1. If I remember correctly, Richard Hatch was interviewed for this issue. He had some very candid memories of auditioning for star wars.

    In fact , this prompted me to write my first and only letter to STARLOG. You can read it in issue 258.


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