Tuesday 9 May 2017


From 1986: Remember when you could fit all the STAR TREK paperbacks on one bookcase?  Remember when you actually had time to read - and remember - them?  Remember when they were still an event rather than fodder to feed the cash cow (no disrespect intended to any author who was part of the Trek book machine)?

I get the impression that sanity (dictated as much by the decline of the franchise as the introduction of Trek book rationing) has returned to the publishing line in recent years (although since the closure of TV ZONE and the like I feel less informed on the matter) but the 1990s were certainly a crazy time with every version of the screen Treks (and a few that were non-screen bolt-ons to he bolt-ons) flooding the market with paperbacks and hardbacks.  Often in multi-book arcs just to keep the punters coming back.

But back when STAR TREK was celebrating twenty years on the screen things were a lot more simple.  There were no multiple shows.  Pocket Books hadn't figured out how to floof the market.  Here is a STARLOG MAGAZINE look back at the novels published up until that point...

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