Tuesday 16 May 2017


From the VHS era: LOST IN SPACE is on its way back to TV... so here is the first UK sell-through VHS cover.  The first (of - I think - only three tapes) included the first two (black & white) episodes from the show's first season.

Fox released two more tapes with the following four episodes but - had they planned to continue releases ala STAR TREK - soon abandoned the project.

The show was familiar to UK audiences of the era thanks to a regular booking on Channel Four's Sunday morning schedules.

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  1. I enjoyed the run of the series on Channel 4 back in the day, and was disappointed that they never broadcast it again. When the Fox UK tapes were announced I was looking forward to collecting the series a la CIC's Star Trek releases.

    Sadly that was not to be, as only three volumes were ever released - in the UK that is. Volumes 4-6 were originally solicited for release (I remember seeing an entry for them in a video trade publication) before being cancelled, presumably due to less-than-sustainable sales on the first three volumes.

    The VHS range, in exactly the same format and livery (at least for the first season), actually went on to cover the remainder of the entire series by Fox in Australia, due to the popularity of the series over there.


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