Monday 22 May 2017


From the VHS era: the first of what turned out to be a long run (including a few rather stylish boxsets and store exclusives) of THE AVENGERS tapes.  Lumiere went the extra mile with these releases by pairing strong episodes (initially from the Rigg era... one b&w and one colour), adding sleave notes and making the prints look as good as possible.

I'd seen - and enjoyed - the show back in the 1980s when CHANNEL FOUR had rerun it on a Sunday night but these tapes were the first chance I'd have to see it as an 'adult'.  And I really enjoyed it.  It soon became part of my (super expensive) tape-buying routine along with the other current or 'classic' releases of the era.  The economics of it all seem madness now... I wish i had found a cheaper hobby.    

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  1. you could probably get an entire season on dvd now for what ONE of those tapes cost.

    It was mainly the ITC shows I bought back then such as UFO, SPACE:1999 and even THE ZOO GANG (!)

    although many of those tapes have long since been disposed of, I've still kept the packaging.


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