Wednesday 3 May 2017


Remember these?  The 'V' VISITOR ACTION FIGURE (with action features) was a mainstay of the STARLOG TRADING POST for years (along with a lot of other goodies) and was one of the few pieces of merchandise relatively easy to find (at least via mail order.... I never saw one in a store) once the show closed.

Now, of course, people would go nuts for these.  But they didn't seem to be a fast seller at the time.  They were the only 'V' action figure to actually go into production (except for some not-very-bendy bendy toys which went on sale in some overseas markets).  There had been plans to launch a whole line of STAR WARS-scale figures and vehicles but it was abandoned as soon as it became clear that NBC weren't scoring high numbers with the weekly series and the chances of it becoming a break out (ho-hum) hit - or even staying on the air - was diminishing by the week.


  1. I saw one of these at a convention a few years back and I still kick myself for not getting it.

  2. some VERY familiar pages up here today from issues I've read many times.

    due to renovations, my FP has virtually stopped getting any new mags so I've missed the latest BACK ISSUE among other titles.

    the latest epic collection of spider-man has some very nice supplementary material, especially on the famous gwen stacy tale.


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