Friday 26 June 2015


From 1983: A piece of less frequently seen (at least compared with his seminal equivalent for the Denmark Street original) Brian Bolland art promoting spin-off store FORBIDDEN PLANET 2.  

The original FP (which seemed vast when I was a kid but must have actually been pretty small) spun-off its film, TV and music sections into a smaller store just around the corner in the shadow of Centre Point tower.  

I remember visiting in the mid-eighties and being overwhelmed by what was available.  I just wish I had paid more attention to exactly what they were selling... and could recall it in more detail now.  I do, vaguely, remember being very impressed with the Japanese photo-books based on the various Gerry Anderson shows but their (even then) high price... and Japanese text... were sufficient deterrents to my parents and I was never able to blag one.  I think I settled for some copies of S.I.G magazine instead. 

The store was closed when FP condensed everything back down to one site when they relocated to Oxford Street.  

More recently, the area has become something of a "Little Korea" and, if I have my stores right, FP2 is now a Korean restaurant.  Coincidentally, the former FP on New Oxford Street is now a Korean food store. 

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