Monday 1 June 2015

1986: LEW STRINGER'S BRICKMAN House Ad (Harrier Comics)

From November 1986: A House Ad for Lew Stringer's excellent BRICKMAN one-shot (uniseries!) published by British indie Harrier Comics (riding the black & white boom for all its worth). 

Harrier started with CONQUEROR (see: here) in 1984 and expanded with the anthology SWIFTSURE (which, in the great British tradition, absorbed Conqueror after only nine regular issues) and then launched a myriad of other titles.  Some of which were interesting... some less-than-stellar.  Martin Lock's venture seemed to hit paydirt with RED FOX (see: here) but, presumably, floundered when demand for indie comics dropped off a cliff when retailers and readers suddenly twigged that most of them were pretty poor and few had the potential to be the next Ninja Turtles.  

BRICKMAN, however, is an excellent read.  I've always loved Lew's work (principally at MARVEL UK although his talents have graced a myriad of titles since his first professional work appeared in THE DAREDEVILS issue 7) and he's on top form here.  And just look at the talent he assembled to help him out.  

This very occasionally surfaces in the 50p boxes and should be purchased immediately.  A 2005 paperback, BRICKMAN BEGINS! by Active Images, reprinted this and various other Brickman strips from fanzines. 

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