Wednesday 24 June 2015


From November 1984: A House Ad for US publisher NMP's DAREDEVILS magazine, dedicated to action/ adventure film and TV. 

Not to be confused with the Marvel UK monthly (or, indeed, Horn Head himself), this was stablemate to titles like ENTERPRISE INCIDENTS, FANTASY EMPIRE, SFTV and a zillion of those FILE MAGAZINES dedicated to almost any TV show or comic that the publishers thought would sell.  I covered THE V FILES here

I've never seen, much less read, a copy of this one but it sounds like the sort of thing I would enjoy.  A swift Google search reveals no information online so there's not much else I can say.  Anyone else know more... or have copies? 


  1. you can see a gallery of DAREDEVILS here:

    SFTV frequently featured V on its cover and you can see these on

  2. Cheers Ed.

    I have some copies of SFTV that I've picked-up over the years. It's not really a great magazine but its coverage of BATTLESTAR and V make it of interest. Some of the V material certainly makes its way into the Files Series. I will have to get around to scanning some of the covers sometime.


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