Monday 29 June 2015

1991: EPI-LOG MAGAZINE Issue 6

From 1991: Holy Tight-Fitting Costumes Batman!

EPI-LOG magazine issue 6 (May) devotes itself to a line-up of TV super-folk... although CAPTAIN POWER and WIZARDS AND WARRIORS are a bit of a - ahem - stretch. 


  1. slow, by pure co-incidence with your recent post on LOOK-IN, I stumbled across this rare item:

  2. if ever there was a show that qualified for obscure, forgotten and cult tv, its WIZARDS AND of those shows that would pop up on the box back in the 80's, prompting the reaction " what the hell is this ? "

    Although my memories of watching it were hazy, I managed to get a few episodes recently on a bootleg dvd and it holds up very well. Its just a shame about Jeff Conaway's tragic demise.

    1. Didn't it also star Duncan Regehr of (for a few weeks) V: THE SERIES fame?

      You can see the logic there: the fantasy film genre was on an upswing, and Dungeons and Dragons was big (I still find it hard to believe that the board game sparked a brief religious panic in the States) so the networks clearly thought they'd have a piece of the action.

  3. Yes and he was very good as the villain dirk blackpool ( maybe he was from the seaside resort ? ) When asked about the show in a starlog interview, he replied:

    " ah now that one I miss but it never had enough time to make an impact ".

    Indeed it only lasted a mere 8 episodes. Regehr also made a memorable appearance as a ghost in season 7 of star trek the next generation.

    The 80's craze for fighting fantasy also came in for a lot of flak in the uk being denounced as the work of the devil and corrupting young minds.


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