Wednesday 10 June 2015

1985: FANTASY EMPIRE Issue 15

From May 1985: The cover of US magazine/ fanzine FANTASY EMPIRE issue 17, plucked from the "random scans" file.  

Colin Baker (why did we think he looked fat?  In retrospect he looks perfectly average.  Or did we all just get bigger in the intervening decades?) accompanies the news that DOCTOR WHO was on an eighteen month hiatus as BBC management unsuccessfully tried to dump the unloved show.  It would take them another four years (and a more nuanced and less fan-baiting strategy) until Mission: Accomplished.   

The writer Tanith Lee died last month at the age of 67.  I had a quick flick through the issue to see whether the piece was worth scanning and posting... but I couldn't actually find any reference to her and her work inside.  I guess I wasn't looking closely enough.  Sand, her script for BLAKE'S SEVEN's finale season, remains one of my favorite episodes of the whole run.  


  1. thanks for mentioning tanith lee, maybe it was a book review and you missed it...?

    regarding this weeks new releases, it has to be said that marvel are getting great mileage out of ANT-MAN. A further two trades were out today even though they just re-print the same stories from marvel platinum and other volumes.

    Here's a nice preview of the forthcoming he-man mini comic collection:

    1. Hi there

      I picked up the ANT MAN volume. Another one worth a look is the latest edition of the MARVEL BLACK COVER hardbacks... it's a compilation of a run of early eighties MARVEL TEAM-UP reprints. I don't recall the issues reprinted (the book is at home) but it does include the two-part CAPTAIN BRITAIN adventure (which is also, cannily, cover-featured). Better production values, and a lower price point, than the Marvel-published stuff.

  2. Ah yes the MARVEL GRAPHIC NOVEL collection, this one collects issues 58 - 70 of MARVE L TEAM-UP. I havent bought many but did get the volumes on WARLOCK and DR STRANGE as it includes his encounter with the beyonder in SECRET WARS 2.


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