Thursday 11 June 2015

1989: DWB Issue 66

From June 1989: Another scanned-at-random (sometimes its whatever happens to be at the top of the box) issue of DWB (number 66).

Clearly, in the intervening months since the last issue I posted, they'd finally switched from one-colour to full-colour covers... and the results look pretty classy.  

Their new, expanded, remit also allowed for welcome coverage of the BBC's initial (and fairly tentative... a full release of all 52 episodes followed a few years later) flurry of BLAKE'S SEVEN tapes.

DWB (unlike DWM who, for obvious reasons, had to wait until the Production Office had confirmed a story before running it) had a more free-spirited (and often JNT-bashing) approaching to reporting news... which occasionally meant they got it badly wrong.  Despite the Stop Press cover line, DOCTOR WHO season 27 turned out to be a long time coming...

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