Friday 5 June 2015

1995: SPACE PRECINCT House Ad (Manga)

From late 1996: a House Ad from Manga's short-lived tie-in comic for Gerry Anderson's much maligned (with some justification) SPACE PRECINCT series.  

The comic itself was a mighty fine venture but soon succumbed to poor sales, high origination costs and the relative failure of the TV show (audiences in the UK were good... but didn't translate to strong merchandise sales.  Its failure in the States meant no second season... giving all merchandise only a finite sales window before prospective buyers moved onto the next show-of-the-moment).

Only six issues appeared between October 1995 and the following January.  More work, ultimately unpublished, was commissioned and completed. 

Although the advert says it's a monthly release, the publication schedule was actually fortnightly (although, judging from the cover dates, the first and third (covering the Christmas period) were on sale longer. 

There was one compilation of material which I covered here.

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