Friday 19 June 2015

1992: DEATH'S HEAD II Limited Series Issue 1: silver ink second printing (Marvel UK)

From 1992: the harder-to-find second-printing of DEATH'S HEAD II (the limited series) issue one.

It's fair to say, in my experience, that none of the Marvel UKverse/ Genesis line are hard-to-find, at a good price, here in the UK.  With the possible exception of this silver-ink special.  

The British books are mainstay fodder of 50p boxes and, with some perseverance (and, it has to be said, a reasonable amount of cash as the British Bullpen certainly churned out a lot of books between 1992 and 1994) it's possible to build up a full collection (part of what makes collecting the failed universes so much fun... a finite number of books at a good price).  Dealers often still have them polybagged which means titles that were given a jump-start with exclusive trading cards can still be found for pennies.  

The one exception, the only book I would consider in any way elusive, is this one.  The unexpected demand for DH II's debut (and the chance to make a few more bucks) sent M-UK back to the printers for this silver ink-enhanced quickie.  The contents are identical to the (easier to find) first printing but the cover looks spiffing in silver. 

The UKverse books, thankfully, didn't indulge in alternate versions and variants, although cover enhancements (and the aforementioned trading cards) did become par of the course as the line struggled for attention throughout 1993.  This is, to my knowledge, the only comic they published that exists as two different editions.  

My way of a comparison, the first edition is below. 

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