Wednesday 1 July 2015

1978: SPACE CRUISER (Space Battleship Yamato) Poster Art

From 1978: poster art for SPACE CRUISER, the theatrical release (making the most of the post-STAR WARS hullabaloo for all things space) of Japanese animated show SPACE BATTLESHIP YAMATO.  

The movie spliced together material from the TV show, bridged with some new material.  It was released in Japan the previous August and rolled-out internationally the following year.

This appeared in STARBURST magazine to accompany a feature on the movie.  I have no recollection of the film getting a UK theatrical release.  Possibly only on a very small number of screens...?  


  1. All I know about this is that the sequel is one of the worst films - animated or otherwise - I have ever seen, although the recent live action remake was surprisingly good.

    I do appreciate my copy of Photoshop, but I also miss artwork like that poster something rotten.

    1. Hi there

      I have a DVD (from the States I think) that is the early episodes of STAR BLAZERS (yet another Western name for this property) which i assume includes some of the same material that was reworked for the movie (that's a guess on my part). Lets just say the animation, whilst several notches above the Filmation standard, doesn't quite match the epic intensity of the key art.

      I've seen the live-action remake as well and really enjoyed it as I recall. I seem to remember thinking that some of the female crew members were a little bit - ahem - emotional...

  2. A note about the sfx line of specials...the 100 greatest characters issue is actually bookazine 7 while the 80's issue is un-numbered...the superhero special is due mid-july.

    1. I'm sure they're just doing their own thing... it's like FUTURE have two different departments churning this stuff out in splendid isolation and they don't bother co-ordinating their efforts until they announce their set-in-stone release dates. It's quite weird as, basically, they only have one outlet: WH Smith (and the Direct Sales market and any indie that thinks they can shift a £10 magazine). Maybe these are the equivalent of the old-fashioned Summer Specials: one-shots for the going-on-holiday crowd.

      I grabbed the 80's one yesterday and gave it a quick flick. It looks great fun. Some of it looks a little familiar so I assume a substantial chunk has previously appeared in TOTAL FILM. Nice to have it all collected in one place however.

      I've also spotted that SCI-FI NOW have re-released their 100 GREATEST COMICS one-shot. I assume this is pretty much identical contents to the last time they published it (last September as I recall... I'm sure I purchased it on London Open House Day... it's funny what you remember...). They seem to have taken on Visual Imagination's old trick of making the same content go a long way... Buyer beware!

  3. I have the original move poster that the Starburst mini poster was based on. The one I have is exactly the same except a the size of traditional movie poster. I dont know much about it, I have been told it was possibly done by Chris Foss. I would welcome any more information that they may have


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