Thursday 2 July 2015

1988: AMAZING HEROES issue 137: FLASH GORDON SPECIAL (Fantagraphics)

From March 1988: An excellent FLASH GORDON themed edition of AMAZING HEROES.  

It's always worth grabbing a copy of AH if you stumble across it in the back issue bins (especially if it's the 50p box) because, whatever the issue, you're sure of a blast of nostalgia and some fascinating Star Age reading.  Later issues featured Andy Mangel's excellent Hollywood Heroes column which also appeared in the UK's FANTAZIA.  

This issue is a particularly good one: devoted to FLASH GORDON in all its forms.

The definitive Flash book has yet to be written (imagine a glorious coffee table jobbie packed full of amazing art, never before seen production design from the movie, artwork from the various animated incarnations and one still, with a sarcastic caption, from the rocketship crash of a TV series) but, in the meantime, this is probably as close as we'll get. 

AH which, amazingly, used to appear fortnightly and spin-off must-have look-ahead Preview Specials, continued into the early nineties before being squeezed out by the more glossy, bust less demanding, WIZARD and its wannabes.  COMICS INTERVIEW, which I always considered a companion piece to AH, went the same way. 

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