Thursday 16 July 2015

1979: STARBURST Issue 6 (Marvel UK)

From January 1979: STARBURST MAGAZINE issue 6... not the last time that BLAKE'S SEVEN would grace the cover of a MARVEL UK magazine... and more SUPERMAN too.  

MESSAGE FROM SPACE was, incidentally, a bonkers Japanese entry into the Star Age that put their, ahem, unique spin on the post-STAR WARS space combat genre.  The Toei release starred Vic Morrow (later to meet a grisly end on the set of TWILIGHT ZONE: THE MOVIE) amongst a cast of Japanese actors (which certainly makes for a pleasing change to see deep space populated by someone other than Westerners) and obligatory robots and aliens.  

The plot is hard to decipher and it's understanding why critics sniffed and audiences stayed away.  But it is available on R1 DVD and, although I can't recommend it, I do recommend you check it out...

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