Tuesday 14 July 2015

1991: EPI-LOG MAGAZINE Issue 10

From September 1991: a bevy of contemporary shows (many of which are long forgotten... which makes this issue particularly interesting) get coverage in EPI-LOG issue 10.

Some of these TV footnotes, like DRACULA: THE SERIES (not as exciting as it sounds), have actually surfaced on shiny disc.  Others, like SUPERFORCE, are (I suspect) festering at the back of some TV distributor's cupboard with no prospect of rediscovery.  

SWAMP THING is a perplexing mystery: a cheap-as-chips show (inspired by the movies... because they could reuse the costume from the sequel... rather than Alan Moore's legendary run on the comics) that seemed to exist just to create some work for the the Florida studios that housed it.  Quite how the half-hour basic cable adventure show flourished (and spawned an animated series and toy line is a bit of a mystery).  

THE FLASH, out on DVD (in R1 land at least) is superior stuff and, if you only want to watch a couple of episodes, go straight to Mark Hamill's two outings as the Trickster.  

SUPERBOY, also on R1 DVd, actually made it onto ITV's Saturday evening schedules for a few weeks but vanished with super-speed.  The early episodes were indeed pretty ropey but subsequent seasons, which involved some pretty drastic cast changes, apparently improved. 

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