Thursday 2 July 2015

1978: STARBURST Issue 2

From March 1978: STARBURST issue 2.

Continuing the SPACE CRUISER theme from yesterday (scroll back a couple of posts...), here's the same artwork re-purposed for the cover of the not-yet-a-Marvel-mag second issue of Britain's answer to STARLOG.  

You can find this month's issue (yep, after a hiatus, it's still going) in WH SMITH right now... although, some branches seem to insist on putting it behind the till (London's Oxford Street branch are particularly dopey on this front... they put the behind-the-counter shelves at floor height to further reduce the chances of anyone seeing them) on the spurious grounds of "people nick them".  I'm not sure why the chain has concluded some mags are infinitely more nickable than others but I don't work in loss prevention... or store design. 

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