Thursday 30 July 2015

1985: SFTV MAGAZINE Issue 3

From February 1985: The cover of SFTV magazine issue 3, boasting a ludicrous looking Faye Grant publicity still from "V".

 Grant hit the headlines again recently when she leaked a recording, made covertly several years earlier in a therapy session, of her then husband Stephen Collins confessing to inappropriate sexual activity with children.  As recounted on the documentary that's part of the DVD set, she met Collins whilst appearing as a guest star on an episode of the really rather good TALES OF THE GOLD MONKEY which mustered a single solitary season in 1982-83. 

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  1. ' ludicrous looking ' ? well the back lighting is a bit strange I grant you ( ahem ) but still she does look nice.... yes that was an unsavoury turn of events, she also recounted their meeting in STARLOG 82 when she wondered why he was still single and available.


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