Monday 10 July 2017


From 1982: Another piece of playground crack: the E.T THE EXTRA-TERRESTRIAL STICKER ALBUM.  

Some albums get traction some don't. This one did.  Pictures of the E.Tster were in the highest demand and commanded a swaps premium in the playground.  

I think, like many of the albums, this one was a freebie with one of the weeklies.  I have a hunch it was a copy of LOOK-IN but I can't recall for sure.  Book and stickers were also available to buy in the usual fashion.  This copy, which I picked up for a quid, is empty.  Sadly.

Great film as well.  

Here's a question to ponder as well... What was the first sticker album to be given away with a comic?  And which comic?  It was probably a football one.  But within our genre I think it might have been something like the MUPPETS ALBUM (although I'm not sure it was stickers or cards) that came free with a copy of LOOK-IN.  Or the Marvel-published INCREDIBLE HULK album with the first issue of HULK WEEKLY... albeit again cards rather than stickers...

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