Tuesday 4 July 2017


From Autumn 1988: TIME SCREEN magazine issue 3.  Revised edition.

TIME SCREEN, companion to S.I.G, was the much-missed magazine (really a fanzine although it boosted excellent print and production standards) 'magazine of British Telefantasy'.

It launched sometime in the early 1980s as an all (including the covers) black & white affair.  Later in the decade, to supplement new issues, the team would revisit and reissue the early issues with revised articles (this being the time before the web when solid information and old programmes were often hard to find), better production standards and a nice colour cover.

It's a magazine that I always pick-up if I find the odd old copy on my travels.  I don't have a complete collection but I thought I would post what I have here on STARLOGGED.

This was a good time to be buying fanzines with THE FRAME, DWB, S.I.G and TIME SCREEN all doing well and available through comic book stores.

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