Wednesday 19 July 2017


From June 1982: He's the unknown stuntman... LOOK-IN publishes the first episode of the new ongoing THE FALL GUY double-page strip, based on the Glen Larson TV show starring Lee Majors and NOT starring Heather Locklear.

There's a fun game you can play either whilst watching reruns of TFG or - indeed - any action film made before the 1980s: spotting/ guessing the source of the stock footage stunts, lifted from assorted movies (oft from the Fox library), peppered throughout the series to make Majors look good and the show look more expensive than it was.

FALL GUY trivia:  There is a 1993 TV movie called THE COVERGIRL MURDERS starring Majors (along with Adrian Paul and an island full of the sort of beaties beloved by telly execs) and written by Douglas on TFG.

The Adam Ant cover was obligatory.LOOK-IN's arch rival (at least for a little while) TV TOPS also obsessed with the campy rocker.  Even going as far as creating a time-travelling comic strip to ensure he appeared in every issue.


  1. Don't knock the Ant, he was (and remains) a genius!

    Check out this fairly recent single for proof of Adam Ant's enduring brilliance ...
    Adam Ant: Cool Zombie

    1. No knocking intended. I was a (young) fan at the time and I still like his music now. I saw him do a set in Berwick Street for RSD a few years ago.

      Less impresive as an actor however. He was OK in THE EQUALIZER but a tadge wooden in SLEDGE HAMMER.

    2. With the benefit of hindsight, I find I view Adam Ant as a similar figure to David Bowie. The costumes, the constant recreation of his image, the passion for theatrics that led to a (so-so) acting career.

      Adam Ant is remembered for a couple of astoundingly good pop songs and iconic videos (Stand and Deliver, Prince Charming), so people forget his musical career continued with a stream of wit and reinvention for most of the 80s. The Dandy Highwayman was his Ziggy Stardust moment. And, as yet, he's not had a "Tin Machine" period!

  2. The new SFX is out today with a choice of 4 different covers for the Defenders. Various freebies have been promised with the next issue.

    Also out from future is the new issue of COMIC HEROES.

    And the new JUDGE DREDD MEGAZINE has an article on the leopard of lime street.

  3. The COMICS HEROES seemed to sneak out a bit. I found a copy in Reading at the weekend and both branches of WHS were still also selling the previous issue. Which suggests that it had been recalled at that point.

    The new issue of BACK ISSUE magazine was also out. As was the next STAR TREK COMICS partwork, this time reprinting the newspaper strips (as seen here in the DAILY MAIL way-back-when). Also due this week is DWM (will the new Doctor make the cover? It would have been a very quick turnaround if she does), INFINITY and - I assume - DARKSIDE. There is a also a new CINEMA RETRO SPECIAL on the horizon.

    Rebellion have announced a new SCREAM AND MISTY SPECIAL for later this year... with all new material. Yay.

  4. I would be amazed if they gave the dr who cover a last minute tweak to include Jodie Whittaker but who knows ?

    Are you referring to the cinema retro special on war movies ?

  5. Yup. The war movies special.

    DWM is due - I think - this week but hadn't shipped yesterday. Which makes me wonder if it has been delayed in order to switch-out the cover from the one sent out as pre-publicity for the new issue to something more topical. I have no idea what the turnaround times are for such things as - presumably - the publishers couldn't send the amended design and interior to the printers prior to the official announcement in case the image was spotted and leaked. I know there was a WHO photoshoot a couple of weeks ago which - at the time - I dismissed as being something Xmas-related (I don't really follow the production of the show so I have no idea when the end-of-year special is shooting) but, in retrospect, might have been a stills shoot with the new Doctor.


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