Wednesday 26 July 2017


From January 1998: A bit of James Bondage from now-defunct movie magazine NEON.

TOMORROW NEVER DIES co-star Michelle Yeoh is now starring in the new STAR TREK series, DISCOVERY, which is due to hit screens in September.  The trailers certainly look spectacular... but it remains to be seen whether it has the heart and soul of the franchise at its best.  And the Klingons do look a bit silly.

There's also been much moaning in the social media sphere that the new show - at least in the States - is going to be on the CBS paid platform.  And fans ain't happy that they are going to have to splash more cash for their Trek.  I think the lack of new TV Trek for over a decade is a sure sign that the old ways are dead and gone.  And certainly not capable of bankrolling a new series.


  1. You can tell it's a Trek show, because no other fandom - not even Doctor Who fans - craps on its baby to this extent and then watches the show anyway.

  2. she looks very slinky in her blue tracksuit and the show itself looks very impressive, almost like a superior version of ENTERPRISE or rather the show that ENTERPRISE should have been.

    Panini had a really nice item out today - MARVEL PREMIERE EDITION : SPIDER-MAN'S GREATEST VILLAINS.

    A collection of more recent tales in a large format and printed on glossy paper. Panini published similar editions for Wolverine and Iron Man several years ago.

  3. The SPIDER-MAN SPECIAL looked interesting but I have no real interest in the modern stuff. Nice to see the art presented in a bigger size in a glossy format.

    The war film themed issue of CINEMA RETRO is out. Grabbed a copy but didn't get a chance to look at it. I wwatched THE BATTLE OF THE BULGE at the weekend and that is one of the films covered.

    The new DWM announces that the next themed special is dedicated to DOCTOR WHO REFERENCE WORKS. A reference work about reference works. That should be great fun. I hope they do one about fandom and fanzines at some point as well.

    I noticed that the magazine section in London's FP seemed to have been thinned out somewhat with less titles on display. I hope this doesn't mean they are about to reduce the range they carry even further. I think the huge number of sometimes-hard-to-display partworks is eating into the available shelf space.

  4. Its been apparent for quite some time now that magazines are no longer a priority in FP.

    And certainly not in my Dublin branch where they have been renovating and expanding store space. The current magazine rack is tiny and they have been missing a great many titles such as BACK ISSUE.

    And they are getting very careless. The new PREVIEWS catalogue wasn't even on the shelf and I had to ask for it at the counter.

    I'm not too optimistic that the magazine section will expand when they open the new look store but here is for hoping.


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