Wednesday 5 July 2017


From 1994: STRONTIUM DOGS THE POSTER PROG issue 1, a one-shot spin-off from Tharg's Command Module.

Poster mags were quite a sideline for Tharg between 1993-95 with five dedicated to JUDGE DREDD and one apiece for SLAINE, ROGUE TROOPER, NEMESIS and the Dogs.

The format consisted of a giant poster with an original six page strip printed on the reverse.

The very first, albeit unofficial, 'Poster Prog' was published within months of 2000AD's launch making it one of the very first spin-offs.  The DAN DARE POSTER MAGAZINE hit newsagents in August 1977, tucked into the schedule between the first 2000AD SUMMER SPECIAL (not yet the more familiar Sci-Fi Special) and the first 2000AD ANNUAL.  


  1. a really nice bookazine out today called ULTIMATE RETRO COLLECTION with a striking, eye catching cover.

    its been a fairly brutal period recently for uk magazines. GEEKY MONKEY, DANGER MOUSE and DR WHO ADVENTURES have all shuttered due to falling sales.

  2. Ah interesting. I will have a look and see if that has reached London yet. It's also interesting that even bookazines seem to be sujffering from patchy distribution now with some branches of WHS stocking more than others. I have - so far - only spotted the SCI-FI HANDBOOK (or whatever it is called) in one branch. But it looked like a straight reissue, save for the new cover, so I skipped it.

    DRA is the shocker really. Panini have only had the publishing rights for a while and pulling the plug whilst the show is running, rather than in the 'off season', must show how low sales have dropped even at their peak. It is interesting to speculate whether Panini have a warehouse full of gifts manufactured for future issues which will now never appear.


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