Friday 21 July 2017


From 1993: THE UK TELEFANTASY YEARBOOK 1992/ 1993, published by the fanzine Metamorph in 1993.

This was a cracking A4, b&w 'zine that - as the title suggests - looked back on the previous year's small-screen genre offerings.  And it was a pretty cool list of new and repeated shows.  And - best of all - this was just before the schedules (and the genre press) were overwhelmed by THE X-FILES, BABYLON FIVE and the wave of 1990s (mostly) syndicated and cable shows.

Both 'V' and BATTLESTAR GALACTICA were in reruns that year.  As was KOLCHAK: THE NIGHT STALKER (I rewatched the pilot of the revival show again this week... it's OK but completely lacks the charm of the original).  THE TOMORROW PEOPLE was the then-current Thames revival... which made more sense than the recent, rather confused, American reboot.

This was a mail-away 'zine which - I'd guess was advertised in either DWB/ DREAMWATCH and/ or TV ZONE.  or I may have seen the advert in another fanzine and sent off my cheque.  Those were the days...

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