Monday 3 July 2017


From the summer of 1997: Another magazine I had no idea existed until I found this copy on my travels recently... the second issue of TV SCENE.

And a reminder that cult actor Bruce Campbell once starred in a made-for-TV version of THE LOVE BUG, a one-shot that aired on ABC in November of that year.

Disney and CBS had tried to make Herbie into a TV star back in 1982.  The franchise-killing weekly series mustered only five episodes before being cancelled.  Ending any fresh adventures, on any screen size, until this reboot spluttered into view.  

The precursor to KITT first appeared in THE LOVE BUG in 1968 and three sequels before stalling on the small screen.  

I have no idea how long the magazine rolled on for but I don't think it had very good (if any) distribution in the UK.  

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  1. issue 1 can be seen here :


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