Wednesday 12 July 2017


From the autumn of 1992: The MARVEL UK published GHOST RIDER AUTUMN SPECIAL.


  1. Slow, any idea on the contents of this one? It seems such a random property to publish as free-standing special.

    1. I there. I don't have the issue to hand (it went right back into the box after I scanned it) but I assumed they were stories taken from MARVEL COMICS PRESENTS (the anthology that ran several short, self-contained or multi-part, stories per issue) or those MARVEL SUPERHEROES one-shot anthologies. The stories are not the usual length for US done-in-one issues (they are shorter) and I assume self-contained enough to work in a British one-shot.

      GHOST RIDER was popular in the States at the time and I assume MARVEL UK under Neary were taking advantage of that with a UK edition. Maybe they thought the crossover readership was there. GR was also one of the strips in the brief HAVOC anthology of anti-heroes published as a warm-up act for the GENESIS '92 line... and maybe readers responded well.

  2. The undoubted highlight of this weeks offerings must be the latest STAR WARS EPIC volume which re-prints both issues of the original marvel usa comic and STAR WARS WEEKLY.

    Its interesting to note that the usa annual no.1 had a gallery of covers from STAR WARS WEEKLY.

    Future publishing seem to be in re-hash mode. Their latest bookazine is just an updated version of their previous zombie special.

  3. Hi there. Yup, the STAR WARS collection was a nice surprise. I think the third page of that gallery of SWW covers from the first US annual was also used in one of the issues of ROTJ weekly with new text. The layout, and choice of covers, is very familiar. It's good to see the SWW stories getting an outing as well.

    The ULTIMATE RETRO bookazine has finally hit WHS. A note to hunters: I'd been checking the entertainment, history and computer games sections (it's a spin-off from RETRO GAMER magazine) and, sure enough, it finally surfaced with the computer mags. But WHS can be a bit random (some branches rack the TIME HARRY POTTER one-shot in the entertainment section, others next to TIME na d NEWSWEEK in the Current Affairs section) so it might be worth checking around a bit... and also checking those standalone racks which are intended for promoted titles (the publishers pay a premium) but seem to be stocked with anything.. or, indeed, nothing at all.

    Other pick-ups this week were the LEOPARD OF LIME STREET (a strip I've never read previously) collection from Rebellion, the HOOKJAW (revival version) trade from Titan (reprints of the original are due sometime as well) and the new issue of STAR WARS INSIDER magazine.

  4. well spotted about ROTJ WEEKLY although it would take some searching to find that page.

    Those SWW tales were previously re-printed in the dark horse omnibus WILD SPACE.

    I'm glad you found that bookazine. Yes, I've had the same problem finding certain titles. I definitely missed an issue of CRIME SCENE before since it was put in the true life crime section and not with the other movie/tv mags.


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