Tuesday 12 August 2014


I've posted this MARVEL UK Summer Special (one of the first batch, published in 1979) once before, way-back-when, but in light of today's sad news about the death of Robin Williams, I thought it was worth reposting.

TV HEROES was a proposed new launch from M-UK that never happened.  Dez Skinn was using the new one-shots to test the water before launching new titles.  MARVEL SUPERHEROES, STAR HEROES and FRANTIC all flew.  This one didn't. 

Unlike the others, this was a magazine-format companion to STARBURST (the SF magazine that Skinn brought with him to the British Bullpen) with a remit to cover general TV.  I suspect it was killed by a combination of lukewarm sales and the sheer effort of commissioning and compiling a text-based magazine compared with reversioning US comic strip reprints.  Marvel UK only seriously branched out into monthly magazines (STARBURST, DOCTOR WHO, BLAKE'S SEVEN, MONSTER MONTHLY, CINEMA) in the early eighties after Skinn had departed.

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