Tuesday 26 August 2014

1995: ASTONISHING SPIDER-MAN Issue 1 (Marvel UK)

The Modern Age of MARVEL UK starts here: the launch issue ASTONISHING SPIDER-MAN from November 1995… and the first (along with ESSENTIAL X-MEN, launched at the same time) of the current Collector's Edition format.

This first issue had a foil-enhanced card cover.

All of the Collector's Edition books have been rebooted and relaunched a number of times since, usually to coincide with the reprint of a major US storyline or event.

This was still issued under the MARVEL UK banner, although the changeover to Panini Comics was imminent.  

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  1. I have a copy of this to sell. It is in A1 unopened condition and has been stored from day of purchase in an airtight ring binder. Message me if interested at elementslcd@yahoo.co.uk


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