Wednesday 13 August 2014


This is advert, published in COMICS INTERNATIONAL in July, promoting Marvel UK's two (ultimately short-lived) 1991 adventure launches.

HAVOC was an interesting weekly mix of reprints themed around anti-heroes (this was, after all, Comicdom's "Dark Ages").  MELTDOWN was, basically, Epic Monthly, drawing on strips reprinted from the US creator-owned/ mature readers imprint.  The Akira reprints were the colour versions by Marvel as opposed to the later black & white incarnation (the Japanese version had originally been published in B&W, Marvel/ Epic added colour to make it more viable in the States) which also crossed the Atlantic in one of the Manga titles.  

Havoc bowed-out, without warning, after only nine issues.  MELTDOWN lasted longer (by virtue of being monthly) and did at least have the good grace to say farewell.  The last issue was also used to plug the upcoming GENESIS 92 project… still without, at that point, a title for the British anthology.

Paul Neary was, apparently, using these titles to test formats and frequencies for the Genesis Project.

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