Tuesday 5 August 2014


THE DAREDEVILS, edited by Bernie Jaye, is often lauded as one of the greatest of MARVEL UK's offerings, although it only managed to scrape an underwhelming 11 issues before merging into THE MIGHTY WORLD OF MARVEL (a combination which, to my mind, was actually superior… until the last issue anyway).

The line-up featured brand new Captain Britain strips by Alan's Moore and Davis alongside reprints of Frank Miller's run on Daredevil and some out-of-place sixties Spider-man reprints ported across from the recently defunct SPIDER-MAN POCKET BOOK.  A hefty number of text features (including new Night Raven prose adventures), most penned by Alan Moore (the copious amount of Moore material makes this a more popular than usual run of back issues), rounded out each issue and gave it a more adult for-the-fans feel.  

Launched at the end of 1982, this was amongst the final black & white comics launched by Marvel UK.  The following year saw the revival, as a colour monthly, of THE MIGHTY WORLD OF MARVEL… a title that would absorb this one within the year.  

The other half-page (I actually forget where I swiped this page from) is a Quinn/ Howett gag strip… a reliable standby in most of Marvel's British titles during this period.  

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